What to do in a dental emergency

If you have pain in your teeth or jaws please call our office. The sooner we can treat the issue can make your treatment simpler, reduce the time you’re in pain and reduce risk of permanent damage.

Try rinsing your mouth with a warm salt-water mix and brush and floss the area to remove any food debris and if the area is swollen, apply a cold pack. Panadol or Nurofen can be helpful (if no allergy exits) to minimise the pain and phone us on ph. (07) 4771 2244.

Gently rinse your mouth out with a warm salt-water mix and if you can find them, keep the broken pieces of tooth.

If your teeth and gums are bleeding, apply pressure with a gauze or cotton wool and call us on ph. (07) 4771 2244 ASAP.

If you can find the tooth keep it and rinse off any debris being careful not to touch the root of the tooth. Keep the tooth in milk and apply a sterile gauze or similar to the area to minimise bleeding.

Call us immediately on ph. (07) 4771 2244 as you have a greater chance of saving the tooth if its reinserted in the first hour.

Like we stated above, if there’s any swelling to your teeth or your gums, apply a cold pack to the area on and off and call us on ph. (07) 4771 2244.

Carefully try to re position the wire or bracket comfortably in your mouth and apply some orthodontic wax as a temporary measure.

Phone us on ph. (07) 4771 2244 too book in to see us.

Remove the dental prosthetic and rinse out your mouth with a warm salt water mix, and call us immediately on ph. (07) 4771 2244 too come in and see us.

An abscess is an infection that occurs at the root of the teeth or in the space between the tooth and the gum. These infections are quite serious and if left untreated can damage the surrounding teeth, gums and jaw.

Sometimes a small painful spot similar to a pimple can be felt on the gum and you should make an appointment at All About Teeth to get it looked at.

A warm salt-water mix can be helpful to minimise pain and don’t touch the painful area and call us on ph. (07) 4771 2244 to book an immediate appointment.

What will happen during an emergency visit?

The first thing we will do is help to eliminate any pain that you are experiencing. We may use some local anesthesia for immediate pain relief, as well as a prescription if necessary. This helps to calm our patients so that we can discuss the plan of action when it comes to repairing their smiles. If possible, we will perform the treatment at the very same visit.

Does every dentist offer emergency dentistry?

No, not every practice has the capability of providing after-hours service for their patients. Accidents often happen when you least expect it and you can be in a situation where you need assistance but are unsure who to call.

If you visit All About Teeth for your dental emergency, we will ensure your complete comfort and the expert team of dentists have years of experience and have treated hundreds of clients.

If you’re suffering from a dental emergency, call our office on (07) 4771 2244 first to ensure you are treated by a dental professional.

Emergency Dentistry
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