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How does gum disease affect my body?

It’s well known that gum disease can wreak havoc in your mouth and can often result in tooth loss, bone loss and other oral problems. But what many patients don’t know is that gum disease can also have a negative impact on the rest of your body.

There have been many clinical studies that demonstrate a correlation between poor gum health contributing to health concerns in other areas of your body. Studies have shown that patients with poor oral health were in a higher risk category for developing heart disease, type ll diabetes and more recently pancreatic and tongue cancer.

Health professionals now understand that the harmful bacteria in gum disease are able to access the rest of our body via the bloodstream. A patient with active gum disease is slowly eroding their health by poisoning their system with bacteria. As it is yet to be proven conclusively to what percentage an increase in gum disease contributes to these conditions, various research studies are continuing.

How does my diet affect my oral hygiene?

Are you aware that many common foods may be the cause of tooth decay?

When some foods or beverages, especially sticky and sugary snacks and drinks, remain in contact with your tooth enamel for a prolonged period, plaque will develop. Plaque contains bacterium that breaks down the sugar content in substances, producing an acid. This acid has the ability to dissolve the minerals in your tooth enamel, allowing bacteria to enter the softer underlying layers of your tooth. This will ultimately cause what is known as tooth decay or tooth caries.

Soft, sticky and sugary substances such as sweets, biscuits, cakes and soft drinks are more likely to cause you problems. You should avoid snacking on these foods between meals and your teeth should be brushed and flossed to remove plaque and bacteria as soon as possible after consumption of these treats.

Good oral hygiene is essential in the prevention of oral diseases and tooth decay. An effective daily oral hygiene routine will keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy and your breath fresh.

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