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A mouthguard is designed to help protect the teeth and mouth from trauma associated with a knock or blow during contact sport

If you are a parent or a coach it is important that the use of a mouthguard be encouraged for children and adults alike; they should be worn during both training sessions and competitive sport.

According to the Australian Dental Association (ADA), around one-third of traumatic injuries to the teeth are in fact, sports-related. And the Sports Medicine Association of Australia suggests that half of all children experience some form of dental injury.

The mouthguards constructed and fitted in both our All About Teeth practices Townsville, offer the best protection available against the damage that can occur.

How can a mouthguard help?

When there’s an impact on the lower portion of your face, the force may travel through your jaw to your teeth and even to the upper part of your skull. Mouthguards essentially act as a buffer for these impacts.

Because custom-made mouthguards fit snugly against the teeth and gums, they have the ability to better cushion the impact of a knock to the mouth. A strong enough blow to your lower jaw may even cause the teeth to slam together and damage both rows of teeth.

How do I care for my mouthguard?

The mouthguards we make at All About Teeth in Townsville are durable but still need some care to ensure their longevity.

  1. Store your mouthguard in its protective container
  2. Rinse thoroughly before and after use
  3. Replace your mouthguard regularly; it’s a good idea to have it checked each season
  4. Do not leave it in the sun

This investment into your health and safety is a small price to pay, as your natural teeth can’t be replaced. Our mouthguards are available in a wide range of colours and we heavily encourage children to consider their mouthguards as an essential piece of sports protection.

What options for protecting my teeth do I have?

For some patients, we may be required to offer a little extra protection to assist in maintaining strong, healthy teeth for life. Generally, we would offer this protection for two main reasons: tooth grinding or sports protection.

Nightguards for tooth grinding

Tooth grinding sometimes referred to as Bruxism, can be responsible for the aggressive wear of your teeth.

Most patients who suffer from this condition grind their teeth at night and only become aware of their situation when a sleeping partner complains of the noise. In some cases you may complain of symptoms such as sensitive teeth or head and neck pain.

What are the affects of teeth grinding?

If the grinding has taken place for some time, we can often see telltale signs of the destruction. The teeth may have smooth shiny surfaces and you may suffer from a number of discomforts associated with this condition.

The main concern with grinding is the slow deterioration of your teeth. Often it is difficult to know why individuals grind their teeth; sometimes it can be stress related but often it can be a sign of an uneven bite.

At All About Teeth Townsville, treatment involves careful investigation into why you are grinding. If we are able to stop this, you may find immediate relief.

As a protective measure, we may suggest a nightguard which is a custom fabricated, thin piece of hardened plastic worn during sleep to avoid further damage to your teeth and offer some relief from associated symptoms such as muscle strain which can result in headaches. Grinding can also cause tooth fractures that then require complex and costly restorative treatment.

If you think your teeth may need a little extra protection, contact the friendly team at All About Teeth Townsville today.

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