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Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Treatment Townsville

Root canal treatment is the dental procedure used to restore a tooth that would otherwise require removal

Thanks to modern dentistry, the formally dreaded root canal treatment is now a simple, virtually painless and relatively quick procedure. Yearly, throughout Australia, hundreds of teeth are saved by root canal therapy.

Root canal therapy is the treatment of a diseased or infected tooth that has nerve damage. Root canal therapy is less invasive, less complicated and also less expensive than an extraction and replacement. It also preserves your valuable natural tooth.

What is involved in root canal therapy?

This treatment is performed under a local anaesthetic and is recommended when decay has penetrated the nerve inside the tooth or the tooth has become infected.

The treatment itself involves a number of stages to remove the infected tissue inside the tooth’s pulp chamber. The cleaning of this internal chamber is completed carefully, as all of the infection must be removed before it is filled with an inert material. In many cases, we recommend that a crown is placed over a root canal treated tooth to ensure the tooth is completely protected from any further damage.

This treatment option is safe and made comfortable by using specially developed instruments and anaesthetic. Without root canal treatment, many infected teeth would require removal; therefore many patients credit their smile to this procedure.

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