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Why do we have wisdom teeth?

Many anthropologists think our wisdom teeth were evolutions answer to our ancestors’ early prehistoric diet. This diet consisted of lots of rough foods like nuts, leaves, roots and raw meat. These foods required us to chew more, so more chewing power and more teeth were required.

Today, our modern diet of softer foods and the inventions of utensils like knives and forks have made our wisdom teeth essentially non-existent. Evolutionary biologists classify wisdom teeth as vestigial organs which means they are essentially functionless body parts.

How do dentists remove wisdom teeth?

Today, wisdom teeth removal is a relatively easy and simple procedure that can be performed in the dental chair.

The process will involve the following steps:

  1. Before the procedure starts you will receive an injection of local anaesthetic to numb the teeth and surrounding area. Some of our patients are quite anxious around dental treatments so we have implemented some further pain management treatments to calm this fear.
  2. If your tooth hasn’t come through your gum line, a small cut will be made in the gum to access it.
  3. The bone may be cut into smaller pieces to make it easier to remove through the opening. You may feel some pressure as the tooth is removed because the dentists will need to widen the tooth socket by rocking the tooth back and forth.

The entire procedure will depend on each patient, but the usual time can be anywhere from a few minutes to over an hour.

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