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The Importance Of A Dental Checkup

The Importance Of A Dental Checkup

The benefits of regular dental check-ups

With busy lifestyles and ‘not a moment to spare’, many people fall victim to neglecting one of the most important facets of their healthcare – their dental hygiene. Being in the industry for years and seeing the transition of society, we encourage our patients to invest time in making their mouth a priority which will, in turn, reap a lifetime of rewards (and save you a great deal of problems). One of the fundamental ways of ensuring good oral health is regular visits to the dentist.

The benefits of regular visits include:

· Regular cleanings remove harmful bacteria build-up · Professionals can identify and treat problems before they worsen · Professional cleanings promote better breath · Certain dental problems can be a symptom of bigger health risks such as heart problems or diabetes · Regular visits can be regarded as preventative care, which helps you maintain good teeth and gums for as long as possible

Check up Routine

Anxiety, busy schedules or a lack of knowledge about the importance of check-ups can leave patients wondering what exactly they can expect. Here are six procedures that are carried out during a dental check-up: 1. Dental examination After getting you comfortable, our friendly professionals will examine your mouth, checking on the condition of your teeth and gums. We look out for signs of gum disease, cavities and tooth decay. 2. X-rays We rely on X-rays to detect problems which are not clearly visible and to reaffirm those that are. Basically, x-rays give us a better idea of what we are dealing with and are helpful in determining whether or not you have a problem with your bite. Issues like gum disease, infections and even tumours can be picked up through x-rays. 3. History analysis Knowing your history helps us to tailor a treatment plan that is specific to your needs. Your medical history, as well as dental history, also guides the treatment process by letting us know what we should be looking out for as well as which medications can be prescribed for you. 4. Teeth cleaning Even the most advanced toothbrushes do not remove all the plaque in our mouths which can lead to a tarter build-up. Plaque contains almost 600 various types of bacteria which could enter your gums, resulting in gum disease and tooth decay. The first signs that you need a professional cleaning are: bleeding gums, teeth discolouration, increased teeth sensitivity and cavities. 5. Polishing Polishing is part of the cleaning process where the surface of your tooth is smoothened out, giving you a brighter more dazzling smile. 6. Expert advice Good dental care does not stop at the dentist but carries through to your everyday routine. With you being our priority, our aim is to educate you on how best to take care of your teeth or how to follow your specific treatment plan to address problems you may have. After taking a look at your history as well as examining your mouth, we would be able to advise on whether or not you require dental devices such as veneers, bridges, dentures or orthodontic treatment. Book your regular check-up with us today!